About me

Hallo, my name is Karel Trumm, I´am an artist and musician. I specialize in portraits, illustrations and caricature. As a lover of pop-art. I adore pin-ups ‘from the 60s.’

I also design and create company commercial logos, banners, billboards and last but not least lottery scratchcards.

There are no little roles, no little challenges…

I use standard techniques ranging from pencil, charcoal and crayon to water-colour and acrylic painting.

And Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in computer graphics.

Can’t be helped, right…

-The author with his ‘Rich Girl’ painting (see Pin-ups section)



-The author with model Lenka (see Pin-ups section)


-The author unveils his ‘Rip Hill’ painting (see Illustrations section)


If you wish to learn more about my work and should you be interested in cooperation, do not hesitate to contact me.


-Model Kate 2x (see Portraits section)

-The author handing over his ‘Earth against Mars’ painting to Jaromír Jágr (see Cartoons section)


As a composer, pianist and arranger, I compose scenic music for theatres, pop songs as well as instrumental music, also signature tunes, advertising jingles and musical logos. I follow this motto:

Music brings nations and genders together…



-The elderly author (at the piano) plays his ‘Lucky Ten’ composition to ladies in the prime of their lives (see Music/Advertisements section)